Good things come in all shapes and sizes, heights too. So it goes too with the different types of dental implants anderson. Determining which dental implant type best suits you will still have to be determined by the dentist or orthodontist. For now though, there are two types of implants under the radar. One is called the endosteal, while the other is known as the subperiosteal. Endosteal dental implants are placed right into the jawbone.

types of dental implants anderson

These are usually made of titanium. And they’ve been shaped like little screws. The subperiosteal implant is placed under the gum, but also on or above the jawbone. This type of implant will be used on patients who do not have enough healthy and/or natural jawbone. They’re also not in a position to go through with the subsequently required bone augmentation that is used to rebuild the unhealthy jawbone.

Indeed, several techniques can be used to rebuild the bone and also help to restore a natural jawline. It’s all necessary to provide a sturdy foundation for teeth that now need to be supported by implants. Apart from the bone augmentation, there is the sinus lift as well as the ridge expansion. The sinus lift adds bone below the sinus. This is done when natural bone has deteriorated as a result of missing teeth.

The ridge expansion will be done if the jaw is not wide enough to support dental implants. Bone graft material will be added to a small ridge in a case like this. This is usually done at the top of the jaw. Also note further that immediate load implants could be done. While conventional implants usually take up to nine months to settle, this procedure can be completed within a day.