There are a lot of different conditions and situations in regard to bonds and payment plans.  In general, when you are working with bailbonds Vista professionals, they will want to get cash payments upfront.  This lessens the risk on the bondsman and will allow you to get out of jail. 

In some situations, however, some bond companies like Acme Bail Bonds will consider a payment plan or working with you on payment options.  If you are granted a payment plan, additional steps or conditions may need to be met which as well could include tracking with an ankle monitor or other tracking or check in systems. 

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Must not be a violent offender

One condition may be that you can’t be a violent offender or be in a situation that deals with a violent crime.  If you are found to be associated with a violent crime, the odds of a payment plan will be greatly reduced.  Also, if you are found to be dealing with drugs or other similar activities, then you will have less of an opportunity to get a payment plan.

May have to have a long-term relationship with the bondsman

In many cases if you are familiar with the bondsman or if you are someone they know or can be backed by someone the bondsman trusts then a payment plan may be offered.  This is going to be rare but is a possibility. 

Try to find other means

If you are in need of a payment plan you may want to find some other means to pay for your bond.  If you can use credit cards, take out a loan our other collateral then this could be an easier payment plan or method to sue.

When we are in jail or have loved ones in jail, we will do and say anything to get them out.  Just be aware that you are entering into a legal contract and if you fail to meet the agreed upon criteria, you could find yourself in a much worse situation than you started with.